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Washington, D.C. 20001
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Ignite DC

RSVP'd? Don't have a ticket? Here's the story. (Plus logistics, food, & drinks info)

Posted May 12, 2009

Ignite DC is coming up Thursday! Have you seen our speaker list? WOW. Now here's the story for those of you who have tickets and those of you who don't, as well as info on getting there and food.

If You Have a Free Ticket

You are guaranteed admittance until 6:45. After 6:45 we're going to keep track of there being 400 people in the room. Maybe it won't be full, maybe it will be full. So get there before 6:45 and you won't have to worry.

If You DON'T Have a Ticket

We'll have a wait list line, first come first serve. At 6:45 we'll let in people until we hit 400. If it's raining, we'll have a tent. You won't be able to buy a drink, but there'll be plenty of cool people to talk to. If we fill up, people will still be leaving and we'll do the whole one-out, one-in thing that you all love so much.

If You Have a Paid Ticket (Sponsors, Contributors, etc.)

We love you. Come any time.

Getting there

It's so easy to get here. Take the Green Line to Navy Yard and follow signs for the Nationals Stadium. When you exit the metro toward the stadium you won't have a choice but to see the Half Street entrance to Ignite DC because we're RIGHT THERE, less than 10 feet away.

If you want to drive, there's a lot of street parking, but no promises. The address is 55 M St SE, but enter on the Half Street side next to the Metro.

If you're wondering, there is NOT a Nationals game that night. Phew!

Food, Beer, and Wine

There will be Yuengling, Guiness, and, um, PBR, as well as red and white wines. We will card people at the entrance. Of course, there will be soda & water.

Food will be catered by The College Perk, most likely caprese salad, veggie and turkey wraps, hot kabobs, fruit cups, and a cheese & olive dish.

A portion of sales from food/drinks goes toward funding Ignite DC. Please help us and dine here : ).

Have Questions

Tickets are non-transferable-by-us. If your friend gave you a ticket, just tell us their name at the door. If you have other questions, please ask below in the comments.

Have Fun!!

We're so excited. A lot of people have put in a lot of work to ensure the first DC Ignite totally rocks. Thank you, and see you Thursday. Doors open at 6pm.

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