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Washington, D.C. 20001
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Organizers for Ignite DC #10 ALL STARS

Jared Goralnick

Jared Goralnick

Jared Goralnick
Founder, Co-organizer

Jared Goralnick is Productivity Evangelist and Founder of AwayFind, as well as President of SET Consulting. Feeling strongly that young entrepreneurs in this area will be our success in the future, he also recently launched Bootstrap Maryland. You can read more on his blog, Technotheory.com, where he talks about the intersection of productivity and happiness.

Geoff Livingston

Geoff Livingston

Geoff Livingston co-founded Zoetica , a social enterprise that provides superior communication consulting, training, and strategy to help mindful organizations affect social change. He has worked as a public relations strategist in the Washington, D.C. region for more than 16 years.

Dubbed a “local blogging guru” by the Washington Post, Geoff’s award-winning book on new media “Now is Gone" was released in 2007. The book has been cited by the Wall Street Journal as a valuable resource for social media. The follow up to Now Is Gone, Welcome to the Fifth Estate, will be released in the spring of 2011. He continues to blog about nonprofit use of social media for Mashable .

He sold his social media boutique Livingston Communications to CRT/tanaka in April of 2009. Some of his professional experiences include United Way of America, Save Darfur, the Goodwill of Greater Washington, Environmental Defense Fund, Live Earth, ChildFund International, the Campus Kitchens Project, the Philanthropy 2.0 Project, Network Solutions, Sully Erna (Godsmack lead singer), and many others.

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