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Ignite DC

Ignite DC #10 Speakers!

Posted September 6, 2012

The speakers for Ignite DC #10 have been announced!

Ignite DC #10 is an ALL STAR event with speakers from our past Ignites!

Please find the topics below (or see a more attractive listing with photos in our > Speakers Directory

Short is the New Long - Debbie Weil

An enchanting, curious place of presidents and poets - Jill Foster

What Match.com taught a grumpy old man about life, love and social media - Glen Hellman

I Suffered (and Recovered) from FOMO - Shana Glickfield

Unleashing Your Inner Hot Chick, And Why She Matters - Shonali Burke

What Makes Uber,, Uber - Alex Priest

“Redesigning the Government” - Clay Johnson

Towards a more open world - Alex Howard

Busting Myths About The Youth Vote - Kristen Soltis

Take This Job…And Love It: How Disgusting Work Taught Me What Makes A Great Job - Dave Sandrowitz

True Confessions of a Power-Drunk Nielsen Family, and other stories of the wacky data collection that dictates the airwaves - Mary Katharine Ham

The Dos & Dont's of Life with a Special Needs Dog - Amy Saidman

-Danny Harris

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