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Ignite DC #10 ALL STARS

Kristen Soltis

Busting Myths About The Youth Vote

There's a lot of conventional wisdom out there about young voters, and plenty of it is bad. The idea that young people don't matter when voting, or are always more Democratic, are just not true. Looking at polling and election data from the last three decades, it becomes clear that the youth vote is persuadable, powerful, and that how they vote will have an impact that lasts beyond this November.

About Kristen Soltis:

Kristen Soltis is the Director of Policy Research at The Winston Group, a political polling and consulting firm. Her Master's thesis research on young voters was given Best Thesis honors at Johns Hopkins University. Soltis has appeared on CNN International, BBC Radio, RT and Ireland's RTE talking about politics. She has written for POLITICO, the Washington Examiner, the Huffington Post, and is a regular contributor at Pollster.com. She also hosts the online political talk show The Right Idea.

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