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Ignite DC #10 ALL STARS

Glen Hellman

What Match.com taught a grumpy old man about life, love and social media

After 25 years of stable marriage, Glen Hellman found himself single and on the street. Like Rip Van Winkle the world had changed since Glen last explored the world of dating. Laugh, cry and groan to his painful lessons of online dating. Listen o lessons learned by this grumpy old guy about the need to build a digital brand for life, love, and business.

About Glen Hellman:

Glen is a serial entrepreneur, Angel Investor, reformed hired-gun turn-around CEO, who now helps business leaders figure out what to do and gets them to do it. He's leading a working group on Mentorship for Startup America. He created TweetDingman, the worlds first pitch your company to investor event held over twitter. He writes humorous snarky articles for Tech Cocktail. All this activity leaves him very little time to practice for his real lifetime goal of becoming an NHL Hockey Player.

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