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Ignite DC

Ignite DC 4 rocked. Apply now to speak at IDC5

Posted June 17, 2010

Last night was nothing short of amazing. Seriously, our speakers were amazing. Videos coming soon...

As promised, you can now submit your talk idea for the next Ignite DC, which will be September 30 in the same location. This Ignite will be a little different--we want to hear about your vision of/for the future. Maybe it's 1984 in 2025, perhaps it's how college will be taught by robots in 2050, or maybe you see us all living on Mars. I think the scope will be pretty wide, but we're going to add a lot more notes (to this page) in the next week or so, but for now I wanted to get the submission page up:

Submit your topic for Ignite DC 5

Stay tuned for more details, but save Sept 30 in your calendar!

Ignite DC 4 was amazing. We'll be emailing folks with some links to photos/videos, and we're already excited for what's ahead for Ignite, for DC, and for you.

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