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Ignite DC #9

Michael Dougherty

Disruption, Film, and Social Good: changing the big picture of show biz

The film industry grossed over $10 billion last year, and has for the past three years. What if a percentage of that annual gross found its way to social causes worldwide?

As example: consider if 3% went to charity. That’s $300 million a year! Can you imagine the great impact on our social good with that type of support -- on literacy programs, animal protections, homelessness? And here’s the way to make it happen: through Social Film Advocacy. It’s a whole new model for producing movies and engaging movie audiences.

What motivates this idea? One key belief: the film industry can entertain audiences, make great profit, and be more accountable all at the same time.

Driven by helping charity and making movies, social film advocate Michael Dougherty believes if the film industry can entertain the masses, it can help the masses too.

So in five motivated minutes, he’ll look at Social Film Advocacy in three ways:

  1. how it’s defined as a disruptive model in film;

  2. how independent & mainstream film has used it for good already;

  3. and how any film lover or lover of helping charities can get involved.

About Michael Dougherty:

Michael Dougherty is a filmmaker for good and social entrepreneur, believing the movie industry - with support from the social web - is destined to both entertain and help societies worldwide. He is founder of Big Damn Films (http://bigdamnfanfilms.com/), a 501c(3) production house that unites independent film with the ethos of grassroots fundraising for social causes. A dedicated social film advocate and community builder -- Mike’s work has been featured in a range of media outlets and film festivals including Wired, Mashable, The Film Journal, San Diego ComicCon, BlogTown, DragonCon, and loyal fan community FireflyFans. His full length project Browncoats Redemption was created by volunteer actors, scifi communities, and engineers across the globe and raised over $115k for charities. Browncoats Redemption also garnered support from scifi producer, writer, & filmmaker legend Josh Whedon. Drawing on his years in entertainment and interactive media, Mike enjoys conversation on how film can be used for the greater good. And with a caffeine addiction in full swing, he looks forward to your conversation on twitter at /WickedJava / Or for more on his current project horror-comedy film ZCon, visit https:///ZConMovie.

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