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Ignite DC #9

Glen Hellman

Chief Entrepreneureator

A snarky humorous look at the things people say that hijacks their message. It's the telegraphing of disrespect, the demeritting of praise, and the just plane narcissistic hubris that signals someone is a douche.

Funny, nasty, snarky with a useful message that just may improve your communications skills.

About Glen Hellman:

It takes a douche to know a douche and no one knows douches like Glen. He's a serial entrepreneur, Angel Investor, reformed hired-gun turn-around CEO, who now helps business leaders figure out what to do and gets them to do it. He created the mentoring program for Startup America. Glen's a cranky contributor to Tech Cocktail and all this activity is leaving him little time to practice for his real lifetime goal of becoming an NHL Hockey Player.

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