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Ignite no. 1

Sam Nitz

Everyone Needs to Come Out at Least Once

Coming out is the process where LGBT tell friends/families/coworkers that they are gay. Doing this for the first time can be harsh, funny, sad, depressing. You may lose friends and family but in the end, most people are happier that burden is off their shoulders. However, coming out isn't just a one-time experience--it's a process that happens every day of your life.

More people in DC need to come out and be proud of who they are—instead of hiding in their Hill approved outfits. Now I'm not just talking about coming at as a member of the LGBT community. People need to come out as knitters, as Battlestar Galactica lovers, as collectors of hummel figurines, as flugelhorn players. Being happy with your identity can lead to amazing friendships and a better sense of yourself.

I plan on using several experiences from myself and friends who have come out in various aspects and have: created/strengthened friendships; helped them with their romantic lives; and provided them with a better sense of self. Examples to include:

Will wrap up with asking everyone to come out about something in their life to a friend of theirs at the performance or sometime in the near future.

About Sam Nitz:

I'm a 28 year old political professional who works in a direct mail firm in Dupont Circle. I self-describe myself as a gay frat boy Eagle Scout nerd and am proud and happy to be involved with all of those communities. In my spare time, I brew beer, play video games, cook, read a ton, and travel. I grew up in Janesville, WI and graduated from UW-Madison with degrees in Forest Ecology & Political Science. And I'm happy being who I am!

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