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Ignite no. 1

Geoff Daily

The (Near) Future of the Internet

Imagine an Internet with infinite bandwidth, unlimited computing power, limitless storage, the ability to have quality of service and unmatched reliability.

Imagine networks capable of supporting UltraHD video applications where your computer is the size of your wall and when you call people it's as if they're standing right next to you.

That's what the near future of the Internet will look like through the deployment of full fiber networks to every last home in America.

Learn about the dawn of this new age in mankinds history and what's being done to make it a reality.

About Geoff Daily:

A technology journalist by trade I've developed a passion for the possibilities of full fiber networks. In addition to writing on my site and for a handful of trade publications I'm working with the city of Lafayette, LA--where they're building a fiber network--to position and develop themselves into a shining city on the hill for the utilization of fiber. I've also been working on uniting fiber deployers to facilitate collaboration and to find ways to get them enough funding to deploy as far and wide as possible.

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