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Ignite DC #3

John Bordeaux

2010 - The Redesign of US Education Begins

It's time to stop admiring the problem. 30% of US students fail to graduate high school. In 50 of the largest US cities, the dropout rate is 50%. In Detroit, 25% of children graduate high school. Charter schools are great but limited, so we hold lotteries to see which kids get a chance at life. Lotteries.

We need a redesigned system, and it's on the way. It starts this year. A system built not for the industrial age, where options only exist for the elite; but for today. Where every child deserves to be held to a high standard, and every soul matters.

About John Bordeaux:

John leads the Stupski Foundation's knowledge management and organizational learning efforts. As director of Knowledge Innovation, John develops systems and practices to manage knowledge, assess impact and foster learning within the foundation, among our network of partners, and for our client state and district leaders. John brings 26 years of experience working on issues of national security and knowledge management. His work has focused on Organizational Informatics, where he has explored the role of information and communication systems in organizations. Most recently, John was Chief Knowledge Officer and Senior Principal at SRA International, an international consulting firm, where he served clients in national security and healthcare. John also led the Knowledge Management working group for the Project on National Security Reform. John received his B.S. in Governmental Administration from Christopher Newport University, and earned an M.S. in Information Systems and a Ph.D. in Public Policy (Organizational Informatics) from George Mason University.

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