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Washington, D.C. 20001
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Ignite DC #3

Kate McCauley

Relevant Parenting

Five minutes to introduce the top five ideas for parents to remain relevant in their teenagers' lives. Parents' opinions are more important to kids than parents believe. Let's start talking about what kids really need.

About Kate McCauley:

Kate McCauley, MEd, LCSW is a lecturer in Psychology at Marymount University and has been working with parents and students for the last twenty-five years to help develop strong, healthy family relationships. As a schoolteacher, youth minister, therapist, and alcohol and drug educator, Kate has worked closely with preteens and teenagers and understands the role that development plays in addressing their needs.

For Background I have found Kate to be one of the most dynamic and relevant speakers that I have encountered in my career.

What I think Kate does really well is that she creates a safe environment for kids to talk about the pressures and challenges that they experience around drugs and alcohol. She cultivates a conversation and dialogue with them that is grounded in the realities of their peer life. She then uses that information in talking to parents both based on her extensive training and what she's hearing from kids about what they need from the adults in their lives.

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