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Ignite DC #4

C. Scyphers

What Your Grocery Cart Says About Your Sex Life -- And It's All Your Fault

Thanks to the wonders of data mining, corporations can combine your purchases with some demographic data and make surprisingly accurate predictions on almost every aspect of your life. Whenever you point out the details to anyone, they usually get upset, dragging out the pitchforks and torches to march on the nearest Wal-Mart. But they aren't to blame -- we are. With each of our individual choices, we give our privacy away. What's more, we usually do it for free.

About C. Scyphers:

As both a techie and an entreprenuer, Mr. Scyphers has been on the frontline of data manipulation for both corporate and government clients for over 20 years. Along with private consulting, he is the author of the forthcoming book, "Non-Relational Databases & You," a primer for both business and technical people wanting to learn more about the burgeoning NoSQL movement.

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