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Washington, D.C. 20001
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Ignite DC #4

Megan Casimir

Coaching Means Asking Good Questions

Have you ever been in a meeting that doesn't go anywhere? Ever feel like you're having the same conversation with your significant other over and over again?

Cognitive coaching can help you engineer conversations to result in more productive outcomes. Learn about the five states of mind: efficacy, consciousness, interdependence, flexibility and crafstmanship. You'll see where you're strong, and where you might struggle. Learn about how states of mind influence conflict, and improve your questioning technique to move others toward a more productive outlook.

About Megan Casimir:

Megan Casimir is the Director of Instructional Support for the Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools system. She has been teaching and coaching kids DC schools since 2003. Currently, she oversees coaching and teacher support for the Chavez schools. She also enjoys food.

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