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Ignite DC #4

Josh Koster

Proving Online Ads Can Move Polls (On Their Own.)

I have the polling to prove it.

About Josh Koster:

Josh Koster is the Managing Partner of Chong + Koster. He is credited with pioneering long tail political paid media, coining the term Long Tail Nanotargeting, co-pioneering the first self-microtargeting campaign website, crashing Irans propoganda websites in the wake of the Iranian election, helping get Lou Dobbs fired and proving that online ads can move public opinion on their own. In addition to his new media experience, he has written and analyzed polls, written radio and print campaigns, won on TV, and has personally raised more than a million dollars for democratic candidates and causes. His work has been covered by Politics Magazine, ArsTechnica, Esquire.com, ClickZ, TechPresident, and Foreign Policy, The National Journal and all three cable news networks, to name just a few. He graduated from Duke University in 2008 and is currently 25.

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