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Ignite DC #4

Kristen Soltis

The Vanishing Young Republicans

In 2008 the GOP lost young voters by unprecedented margins. Young Americans flocked not only to Obama but to Democratic candidates down the ballot as well. So what happened? Despite the conventional wisdom, young voters have not ALWAYS been more Democratic than Republican. So where do young voters (age 18-29) stand today? What does this mean for the future of American politics? Are we looking at a generation that remains firmly Democratic for decades to come? In five minutes, this presentation gives the 10 stats that tell the story of how the GOP lost a generation in 2008.

About Kristen Soltis:

Kristen Soltis is the Director of Policy Research at The Winston Group, a political polling and consulting firm. Her Master's thesis research on young voters was given Best Thesis honors at Johns Hopkins University. Soltis has appeared on CNN International, BBC Radio, RT and Ireland's RTE talking about politics. She has written for POLITICO, the Washington Examiner, the Huffington Post, and is a regular contributor at Pollster.com. She also hosts the online political talk show The Right Idea.

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