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Ignite DC #4

Audrey Spolarich

Count down to a Cure--20 slides- 300 seconds--can I get you?

Maybe Benjamin Button, the movie, was sad, or philosophical or funny or thought provoking, but it certainly was strange. The rapid aging disease in children, called Progeria, is equally--or more--strange.

Will you listen forr 300 seconds as I describe a nearly as strange social media idea for reaching people around the globe with the message of progeria?

About Audrey Spolarich:

Audrey Spolarich has performed business analysis and market intelligence in the health and health policy arena for twenty years.

She has investigated, analyzed, formulated and implemented public health policies and/or campaigns for specific diseases and their impact on people’s ability and willingness to participate in the workforce.

Audrey Chaired the Coalition for Children’s Health that helped secure passage of the Children’s Health Act of 2000.

Mrs. Spolarich received Master’s Degree in Public Affairs from University of Texas in 1984, and BA Degree from Austin College, Sherman, Texas in 1982.

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