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Ignite DC #4

David Phillips

#$%^!@& Positive: Unraveling Parables Regarding HIVers, Sex, and Justice

Almost thirty years after AIDS was first recognized in North America, the criminalization of HIV transmission to others still holds widespread support among the American public and lawmakers, contrary to the opinion of public health professionals and NGOs such as UNAIDS. This presentation probes the myths regarding HIVer sexuality that undergird support for criminalization, the public health rationale for opposing such laws, and the disparate impact of criminalization on women, sexual minorities, and sex workers.

About David Phillips:

A DC area native, David embraces many identities: 28-year HIVer, IT strategist, Leather shaman and kink evangelist, former sex worker, and Queermen’s health advocate. In 2007 David co-founded the Rainbow Response Coalition, addressing Intimate Partner Violence among LGBTQ people in Metro Washington, DC.

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