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Ignite DC #4

Arvin Vohra

I.Q. Tests, Dyscalculia, and Third Party Activism

I.Q. tests and tests for learning disabilities are being used more and more often in K-12 education, and have identified new learning disorders in over a million students. These include types of dyslexia, dyscalculia (difficulty with mathematical reasoning), ADHD, and problems with executive functioning. At the same time, in politics, more Americans than ever before feel it is time for a third party in American politics, and third party candidates are feeling this momentum from activists and voters.

Educator and political activist Arvin Vohra shows how these movements are fundamentally connected, and how they are affecting all of us in surprising and unsettling ways.

About Arvin Vohra:

In 2001, Arvin Vohra founded Arvin Vohra Education, which aimed to solve the seemingly unsolvable problems in education. Since then, AVE has grown to include tutoring, large scale curriculum design, innovative courses, and educational software development.

Arvin is the author of The Equation for Excellence: How to Make Your Child Excel at Math, which has been published in both the United States and in China, and has been featured on Channel 9 News. He was also the primary developer of Vocabulary Synapse, a vocabulary program used in SAT and GRE preparation. He is currently a candidate for elected office in Maryland.

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