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Ignite DC #4

Antonio Tahhan

Food Connections: Why I eat, tweet and blog about food

Food intrinsically connects us to people, culture, and our identity--at least, this is how it used to be. The onset of industrial agriculture has quickly shifted food practices, from production to consumption, under a veil of corporate bureaucracy and economically-driven business models. Since then, there has been a growing counter-movement to preserve these rich connections through different farm-to-table type programs. Not all industrialization is bad, however. Digital mediums such as blogs and Twitter are also beneficial. The social web can be thought of as a virtual dining room by which we could extend and foster new connections with people from within our communities and around the world.

About Antonio Tahhan:

A new face to the world of cooking, Antonio (Tony) Tahhan has a genuine passion for food. Born in Venezuela into a Middle Eastern home and growing up in Miami Beach, a hub of cultural diversity, Tony learned to fuse flavors from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Tony graduated from Cornell University in 2008 with degrees in Math, Economics and Spanish Literature. He is passionate about food, photography, technology, and traveling.

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