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Ignite DC #4

Faith Dow

Answering Steve Jobs' Question About What We Do: Using Technology For Empowerment

From beginning users to seasoned veterans of various social networking sites, gadgets and strategies, innovation is key. Not just in the creation of tools such as Twitter but in how users take a created idea and add value by using it unforseen ways.

The ways we use technology for elevation of self (encompassing gender, race or ethnic concerns) in increasing basic skill sets to communities in maintaining a nation's competitive edge on a global scale will further our value in the world.

About Faith Dow:

Faith Dow is a writer, new media strategist and musician who utilizes social media to build communities. She launched her first social networking ventures in 2008 and continues to advance her impact in the media arts. She's currently working on a book about integrating social media as an empowerment tool for the disadvantaged. She enjoys attending conferences such as Blogging While Brown, UGCX, She's Geeky, BlogHer and SXSW.

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