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Ignite DC #5

Carol Scott

The future is intergenerational

Let me tell you a little story about Swampscott, Massachusetts. A few years ago, seniors in the town were trying to build a new senior center. Students in the town needed a new high school. But the town only had enough money to build one new building.

What happened? The seniors got together with the schools and worked together to build community support for a brand new idea. A little bit later, they all came together for the grand opening of Swampscott High School & Senior Center.

With the first Baby Boomers turning 65 on January 1, 2011, America is at a crossroads. Do we deal with our aging population using age segregation and generational conflict, or use the gifts of all age groups to create a more caring society? What could that society look like? Join me for a whirlwind tour of our intergenerational future.

About Carol Scott:

Carol Scott is the Communications Coordinator for Generations United, the national nonprofit working to connect generations through policies and programs. She has been a reporter, a teacher and spent most of 2009 living in a Buddhist temple in Korea.

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