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Ignite DC #5

Jeremy Caverly

Future of School OR Future of Computer Access

I'd like to present either the notion of building computer labs out of shipping containers with Low-Power components that allow an entire lab to run on a couple hundred watts ..... OR .... the future of "schools" where student merely meet at a "co-working" space so they can interact with peers face-to-face while learning from their multi-media tablets that host open-source course work, text-books and allow them to interact with their personal "Learning Mentor" who is likely a mere grad student or college professor located somewhere remotely.

About Jeremy Caverly:

Jeremy Caverly has been immersed in the online technology & communications space for over 12 years. From building websites & technology solutions for local small businesses to managing service engagements & marketing strategies for brands as large as Nike, Visa, Chevron/Texaco & Fujitsu, Jeremy has consistently kept pace with the bleeding edge of innovation.

Currently, Jeremy works as a self-styled "Brandvangelist", helping organizations strategically leverage online communities for brand development and communications. Jeremy moved to the DC-Metro area in 2005 after his hometown of Punta Gorda, FL was decimated by Hurricane Charley. Today, he lives in - and looks forward to the further development of - Wheaton, MD with his wife, Cassandra and a ridiculously obese cat, Kikyo.

http://jeremycaverly.com http:///JeremyCee

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