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Ignite DC #5

Anissa Dehamna

New Energy for a New Future

Traditionally, we've thought of energy as a resource we extract from the Earth. We burn timber, coal, oil, and natural gas for electricity and heat. Moreover, we can easily haul wood, shuttle coal, and pipe oil and gas to move energy to where we need it.

New energy is a catchall for the next generation of energy, energy we collect - usually nearby where we use it. We capture sunlight, wind, the Earth's heat, currents, and tides in order to power our homes, offices, schools, and hospitals, and even fuel our cars.

New energy is local, variable, and bountiful. Because of this, new energy requires us to think holistically about how to find the right mix of green energy technology for each community.

The Eureka! moment occurs when we stop thinking of energy as a power from an outlet and start thinking of energy as puzzle worth solving.

About Anissa Dehamna:

Anissa Dehamna is a consultant and analyst for FCT Consulting, a boutique consulting firm specializing in market intelligence and analysis of the fuel cell industry. Anissa uses her background in economics and her passion for sustainable development to make compelling arguments in favor of green energy.

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