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Ignite DC #5

Bill Annibell

There is an App for that and that and that…

Once upon a time, the concept of having an "app" for "that" was a celebrated one. The future, however, will be one marred by overwhelming, mobile application "noise" that will drive significant shifts in the use, security, development and management of mobile apps that will be a far cry from the haphazard methods we deploy, use and maintain them today...

If you haven't noticed, the future is now...so we better get on it!

About Bill Annibell:

Bill Annibell is the Director of Technology & CTO of Sapient Government Services and a self-proclaimed geek's geek. With stints in big-box retail management and as an Army-trained, pediatric intensive care nurse, Bill brings his unique, user-centric views of technology and the impacts such technologies have on this ever evolving world.

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