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Washington, D.C. 20001
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Ignite DC #5

Evelyn Bandoh

Creative People CAN be Successful Business People-

The first thing that people tell people who want to start a business to do is to write a business plan. I agree. But is a 20-30 page business plan really useful for someone who wants to "create" for a living?

Before I tell someone to "write a plan", I ask to them to honestly "explore entrepreneurship" and then answer 7 basic questions- questions that help a person write a more relevant and realistic business plan. This presentation will share those 7 questions and enlighten people to empower their own destinies.

About Evelyn Bandoh:

Evelyn is a a writer, teacher, scholar, healer and creator. her life’s purpose is to empower others to empower themselves, to live their most vibrant life possible. She use's her talents, skills and abilities in financial and business planning to help creative people become successful and financially independent creative entrepreneurs. Evelyn bridges the gap between wishing and realizing. With your permission, Evelyn will empower you to make your dreams come true!

Evelyn's creative entrepreneur whose companies include EAB Creative Planning Services, Koi Creative Studio, and a blog called Fiscally Fit Fashionista. In addition, Evelyn teaches college level business and finance courses at the Art Institute of Washington, University of Maryland and the Washington Internship Institute.

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