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Ignite DC #7

Robin Stevens Payes and Susan Magsamen

Bringing the science of learning to families and educators

L_rn is a Web portal (beta site at www.l-rn.com), scheduled to launch in June, that taps into evidence from the top researchers in neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology and education to translate the research into useful and usable knowledge for families and educators. L_rn will look at a wide range of topics - from play to stress, sleep to attention, STEM to the arts in ways that anyone preparing children to meet the challenges of the 21st century can tap into what the experts know about the way children grow and learn.

About Robin Stevens Payes and Susan Magsamen:

Robin Stevens Payes is managing editor of L_rn, and founder and principal of WordsWork Communications, a boutique consulting firm specializing in the development of marketing, public relations and Web strategies for clients in education, health, science and research.

Susan Magsamen is the Director of Interdisciplinary Partnerships at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Brain Science Institute. She works across the university and beyond to collaborate on programs that bring evidence-based brain science knowledge and practice to a range of communities. Susan Magsamen is an award-winning writer and advisor on family and children’s issues with a special interest in creativity and learning.

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