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Ignite DC #7

C. Scyphers

The Resume Is Dead; Long Live The Resume

Everyone has a resume. If you looking for a job, there's no end to advice on how to format it, how long or short it should be be, how to "tune" it for the specific job to which you are applying and so on. But is a laundry list of completed work and a grab bag of skills (thrown in for keyword search farming) really the best way to capture not only where you've been but where you're going?

There are new ways of presenting your background can help you find a better job, faster and one that more fits your individual style.

About C. Scyphers:

Chuck Scyphers is the founder and data architect of Resume Everywhere, a DC based startup focusing on software enabling recruiters to hire faster, smarter and at less cost than ever before. His experience in data architecture (databases, NoSQL and other "Big Data" platforms) has led him to be one of the most sought after datasmiths in the DC area.

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