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Ignite no. 1

Pete ODell

Interoperable Data - key to transparency

Nothing will help the transparency effort more than standardized and interoperable data transactions. Presentation will focus on Common Alerting Protocol, adopted by NOAA, FEMA, and other worldwide organizations and how it allows a 360 degree alert picture to be developed rapidly and shared across organizations.

About Pete ODell:

Pete O'Dell has experience in startups as well as established companies. He brings leadership, communication and team building strengths to Swan Island, and is an expert at translating vision and strategy to operational execution.

Prior to co-founding Swan Island in 2002, he was COO of Supertracks, COO of Online Interactive, CIO of MicroWarehouse; CIO/Sr. VP of Upgrade Corp. of America; president of Autodesk Retail Products (a $20m subsidiary); president of Loyalty Management Systems (a software startup), and director of technical services for Criton Technologies. He has held technical positions at Microsoft, Digital Equipment and other companies, and is the author of The Computer Networking Book (Ventana Press).

O'Dell holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems and Production Management from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and a Masters of Business Administration in Technical Management from the University of Phoenix. He taught Computer Science and Systems Analysis at the National College of Business and Technology. He has four years of military service in the United States Army.

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