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Ignite no. 1

Erin Rooney Doland

The Desk Whisperer

Want your co-workers, clients, and boss to know that you are productive, efficient, and a team player? In addition to the popular systems that actually make you more productive (GTD, etc.), there are ways you can organize your desk to let others know about your commitment to quality. This five-minute presentation explores psychological research on organization, office decor, and perception, and how you can implement these findings to help you get the edge in the corporate world.

About Erin Rooney Doland:

Erin Rooney Doland is editor-in-chief of the popular home and office organizing blog Unclutterer.com. Additionally, she's a twice-weekly contributor to RealSimple.com, and her helpful tips have appeared in Real Simple magazine, CNN.com, Woman's Day, Ready Made, and numerous national newspapers. She is a resident of Northern Virginia. Her first book on home and office organizing hits bookstores November 3 with Simon Spotlight Entertainment, a division of Simon and Schuster.

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