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Ignite DC #8

Susan E. Jacobsen

It's Not About You

Instead of talking about "you," find out about "them." Your audience ... your followers .. your prospective clients. The more you know about what others have to say the better positioned you will to learn their business, earn their trust and gain an ally, ambassador, new client, etc. Listen. Show you care. Then respond.

About Susan E. Jacobsen:

Susan E. Jacobsen, President of LUV2XLPR, Inc., has over 15 years of experience with public relations, business development, not-for-profit and advocacy communications, branding and new media/electronic communications. Susan provides her clients with an on-the-ground DC perspective, with established, inside-the-beltway media contacts and the ability to develop successful and mutually beneficial new media and traditional public relations strategies.

Susan works closely with legal, financial services and information technology clients to learn their business, understand their underlying needs and develops targeted public relations initiatives that best meet the desired goals. With a focus on value and favorable outcomes, Susan is committed to helping clients secure – and maintain - a competitive advantage and deliver the specific results clients are seeking.

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