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Ignite DC #8

Erik Muendel

Appropriate Gestures: The Changing Face of Digital Experiences

Lyndon Johnson nearly started a riot in Thailand when he crossed his legs towards the king, a derogatory gesture. In India, greeting someone with a left-handed hand shake is considered offensive and unclean. Here in the United States, we all know what “giving the finger” means. In the dynamic world of experiential marketing, however, these same motions can now be used to drive interactive experiences, using a camera system that maps out the human body and mimics it with lifelike gesture-driven motions.

Brightline’s proposal for Ignite DC is a forecast of the use of gesture-driven digital experiences. While touchscreens have long been in the vanguard of interactive marketing, the use of gesture-driven technology provides a more innovative, cleaner, and realistic experience.

Using a camera to map out joints and bones in the human body, gesture-driven technology is so developed that it can even determine the gender of a participant by gauging bone density and formation. This kind of advanced technology has only recently begun to explode onto the scene of interactive marketing, with uses by entertainment titans like Sports Illustrated in its Hesiman Tour presented by Nissan.

While gestures can be interpreted differently to invoke certain feelings or thoughts, the use of gesture-driven technology provides endless possibilities for creating innovative experiences that are as interactive as they are entertaining. With the use of 15 slides, Brightline will tell the story of the future of gesture-driven technology, illustrating how it can be used to engage people of all interests across a diverse range of industries.

About Erik Muendel:

As Creative Director and CEO of Brightline Interactive, LLC, Erik leverages creative, strategy and management skills to develop and execute effective digital and interactive experiences. His team-building skills result in industry awards, and the experiences he leads help national brands meet business and communication goals.

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