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2009 8th St NW , Washington, D.C. 20001
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Ignite DC #8

Charlotte & Rahiem Swann

No excuses!

DC Fit Week is important because we all know that results happen when we set goals, make minor changes, and put in the hard work for ourselves individually and our families. Our mission is to motivate people to make lasting changes Mentally, Physically, Financially, and Nutritionally while eliminating excuses. We are committed to making small changes for lasting prevention in the future.

About Charlotte & Rahiem Swann:

Four years ago, Rahiem and Charlotte were the excuses people: Mentally they just weren't focused on wanting to be fit in any of the four genre of DC Fit Week but especially fitness. While both were overweight, doctors appts and test lead to them have to first mentally make a change for the better, which was join a gym, Financially they didnt think they could afford that (hence the excuses) but they could, Physically - Nutritionally they knew it needed to be done and decided to do it.

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