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Ignite DC #6

Amy Kincaid

Social Innovation: Out of My Mind, Onto My Drawing Board, Into My Community

It's an exciting and confusing time as an entrepreneur for social good. Our business efforts are called social enterprise; our ideas, social innovation; our broader efforts to do what we love in conjunction with what's needed, social ventures.

Whatever we call it, what we create as people of passion and vision matters as much as the details of what we build as agents of change and purpose.

Growing, implementing, and sustaining entrepreneurial solutions to our most challenging needs requires a balance among our ability to express ideas; our willingness to risk criticism and failure; our capacity to give of ourselves when opportunities arise; and our inclination to receive support in times of challenge.

I will share how I learned to stop worrying and love the balm of social innovation.

About Amy Kincaid:

Amy Kincaid is Founder and Principal of ChangeMatters, where she guides entrepreneurs and community leaders beyond good ideas towards inspired goals, focused dialog, and sustainable strategies for social change.

Amy is energized by creative, ambitious, compassionate entrepreneurs, experienced in starting, growing (and fixing) mission-driven efforts throughout the US and abroad.

Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, Amy lives and works in Takoma Park MD, a proud mom and wife, active artist, community advocate, and passionate connector of people.

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