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Washington, D.C. 20001
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Ignite DC #6

Chris Sutton

Creativity Isn't Enough: Using Empathy to Make Things People Love

Conventional wisdom says you need to "think outside the box" to succeed, but what you really need is to think outside your box. Creativity alone will only take you so far — empathy is needed to truly crush it. With more tools than ever to tap into the needs of an individual, a community or an entire society, there is no reason to produce work that doesn't change someone's life for the better. This talk will explore why empathy is so important to our society, some of the underlying science behind it, and the tools and techniques you can use to increase your ability to empathize.

About Chris Sutton:

Chris Sutton helps lead product development efforts at CustomInk.com, a leading online retailer of custom apparel. Prior to working at CustomInk, Chris founded a T-shirt design and printing company, graduated from Wake Forest University and studied abroad in Wellington, NZ.

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