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Speakers for Ignite DC #8

Posted October 4, 2011

The speakers for Ignite DC #8 have been announced!

It was an extremely difficult process to narrow 33 to the 16 below with so many fascinating topics! Thanks to those who helped us by voting for their favorite!

Please find the topics below (or see a more attractive listing with photos in our > Speakers Directory

True Connfessions of a Power-Drunk Nielson Family, and other stories of the wacky data collection that dictates the airwaves - Mary Katharine Ham

High Stakes Speech - Jill Foster

How Gustav Mahler’s Music Will Make Your Head Go All Explodey - Jason McCool

Social Construction of Technology: Why the Better Tech Doesn't Always Win - Tom Bridge

You Are Not Alone – Beating Back the Isolation of Loss - Dave Sandrowitz

Why Groups Make Horrible Decisions - Al Pittampalli

Discover Your Inner Galileo - Elizabeth Wallace

Understanding Gen X and the Minnennials through Popular Culture - Gadi Ben-Yehuda

Appropriate Gestures: The Changing Face of Digital Experiences - Erik Muendel

Everything I n/ever wanted to know about myself I learned from my genome - David Hale

Harnessing the Potential of Conflict and Fear. - Russ Gaskin

Leave a mark. But make it a good one - Carrie Fox

Digital Sisterhood for DC Women Entrepreneurs - Ananda Leeke

Beyond Google Maps: Filling the Information-Power Gap in Slums - Brian English

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Sweetlife - McKee Floyd

Great Parent’s Make Sucky CEO’s – Why Startups Fail - Glen Hellman